APEX 5040 GEN3 - MSC 2023

See the newest and most advance self contained mobile stage… in the World!

The Apex 5040 is years ahead of the industry in every sense of the word.
From 25′ fly out bays that require NO ground support,
the the new “hang anywhere” roof structure, this latest generation
has the ability to support over 100,000 lbs from the roof.

Being diverse, the GEN3 is available in three versions.
The Basic, The Extended and… The Beast Mode!


Depend on needs, wants, budgets and locations, the GEN3 can also be modified
with 100′ wide video banners, 24′ high Imag video walls, 64 +
Concert speakers can be hung from up to 6 positions.
Decks? we got them, as well as loading docks, crossover dock and runways!
Don’t for get to compliment your GEN3 mobile stage with
a custom Apex 2016, 2420 or 2424 FOH.

first of the new GEN3 stages is currently based out of Kansas City, Kansas
The second GEN3 is currently based out of Miami, Florida

In 2024, we will have additional GEN3 units based out of Seattle, Washington & St Paul, Minnesota
in 2025, we will have the first GEN3 based out of Ontario, Canada!

For booking information
anywhere in North America,
give us a call at 786-255-4949

or for information about our
complete line of Apex stages-

To purchase an Apex 5040 GEN3, contact Jeff Hess
at Progressive Products 620-235-1712